About Kathy Lucia B.S., M.Ed.

Kathy Lucia, B.S., M.Ed., has a mission to create more happiness with middle aged and senior adults by coaching them to have a more flexible body and mind. With over 40 years in the fitness/wellness business, she has a gift in overcoming obstacles to move safely and freely, to open one’s mind to being flexible with options, to heal, and to keep a joyful outlook. Kathy has trained with the best mentors in the world for all her modalities of movement. That is why she has no pain, even with all her activities. Kathy has helped hundreds of clients overcome pain and tightness while learning new ways to move and feeling youthful. She also has a passion for clean eating and recommends Young Living Essential Oils for preventative health.

Kathy has trained in, or is certified in Yang Style Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, GYROTONIC®, GYROKINESIS®, Pilates Apparatus, Pilates Mat, Restorative Exercise Specialist, Golf Conditioning in 3 modalities, Deep and Shallow Water Fitness, Flow Movement, Ballet and Jazz, and Personal Training with Applied Functional Science.

Our bodies change with time and the methods of moving are different. Kathy is an expert with safe, effective movements for the 50+ client. She wants to help more people find freedom of movement, love their bodies, and feel self-confident with balance, muscle memory, and enjoy walking for longer distances. As an avid golfer since age 13, Kathy also specializes in helping senior golfers become more flexible in their swing. Laughing and joy are guaranteed with her consulting!

Kathy is available for coaching by phone, video, speaking at conferences, and live visits anywhere in United States.

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